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About us

About us - TVO Learn Mathify

70,000+ Ontario students use TVO Learn Mathify each year. We connect students in grade 4-12 with Ontario certified math teachers – online, after school – to help build understanding of complex math concepts and help students solve math problems in real-time, from anywhere.

Launched in 2007, and initially developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education, TVO Learn Mathify has provided students across the province with free, interactive online math tutoring for over 10 years. Our platform combines an interactive shared whiteboard and drawing tools, math experts, and a safe space to ask questions – over voice and chat.

Supporting grade 4-12 Ontario math students

In today’s fast changing world, math has become essential for student success. With the increased importance of STEM, computer coding and programming, TVO recognizes that students today require a strong foundation in mathematics to reach their goals and believes that all students deserve a quality math education. This is why TVO Learn Mathify supports teachers in-class and grade 4-12 students after school with 24/7 online math resources and after school math tutoring. Our mandate is simple – make math accessible and approachable for all Ontario students. We are here for Ontario students and teachers.

Supporting Ontario math teachers

Each year, 3,700+ teachers use TVO Learn Mathify inside the classroom as a classroom support. Using an interactive whiteboard and 24/7 online math resources, teachers across the province are using TVO Learn Mathify to engage students and help build their understanding of math in the classroom and at home.

Connecting Ontario students with Ontario math teachers, in just a few clicks

TVO Learn Mathify is aligned with the Ontario math curriculum. Each night, 100s of Ontario students connect online with Ontario math teachers to work through complex math concepts. Staffed with nearly 300 of these expert math tutors, TVO Learn Mathify is here to support and encourage Ontario students.

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